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Supermarket Wine Review: Waitrose – Simpsons Wine Estate Pinot Noir 2020

There is probably nothing more sustainable than drinking wines locally. A deliciously fruity and elegant Pinot Noir I tried recently is a great example.

Simpsons Wine Estate is in Barham, Kent. A few miles from Canterbury. Extremely easy to visit on public transportation. I went by bus from Canterbury which should normally take 10 mins but I got a bit lost, so it became a bit like an adventure in Kent.

Unlike buses in London where you see the name of the stop on the screen, in Kent, you need to know exactly you are going, which I don’t. After more than 15 mins on the bus, I looked at Google map and realised I was already miles away from Barham, I got off and waited for another bus to take me back. This time, I asked the driver to give me a shout and finally made it to the wine estate.

Even though I was only able to see the outside of the vineyard this time as they were not open that day and only open to the public on Fridays for tasting but it was still a beautiful walk around the modern wine estate and the Roman Road Vineyard nearby.

On the way back, I got hold of a bottle of their Pinot Noir in Waitrose Canterbury. Have a look of the video and see why I liked the wine.

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