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Children-friendly Michelin-starred Restaurants in London (Introduction)

This is my little project of 2012. I love great food. But having a 2.5 year-old son it seems somehow intimidating if I would like to enjoy great food in Michelin-starred Restaurants with him.

Some might say, you don’t need to take your son with you, you can find a babysitter; or one sommelier that I met recently even said to me that ‘frankly, I don’t understand why parents want to take young children to top restaurants? They might as well go to McDonald’s!”

Oh well. I don’t like the idea of having my son babysit by someone while I enjoy myself and I don’t think McDonald’s have good food. So it seems like a dead end.

However, having been taking my son to local restaurants on a bi-weekly basis since he was two, I notice that he has always behaved himself well (which means no shouting, screaming, running around etc.), I gradually built up my confidence and thought I might take him with me to enjoy great food in Michelin-starred Restaurants.

Having that idea in mind, I started to read reviews about people’s experiences and was hugely encouraged by the following article:

So, here we go. My gourmet journey with a 2.5 year-old starts!


Our journeys so good:

June 2012: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (1 Michelin star)

August 2012: Hélène Darroze at the Connaught (2 Michelin stars)

October 2012: The Ledbury  (2 Michelin stars)


Some of my own Starred jouneys:

July 2012: Club Gascon (1 Michelin Star)

November 2012: Hibiscus (2 Michelin Stars)

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