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Xu Teahouse

I had a great time last week having some snacks at Xu Teahouse on a cold and raining day on the way to take the tube at Leicester Square. I bumped into Xu Teahouse – which I have heard some good reviews from friends. We didn’t book in advance so we had to share a sofa seat with 2 other people – really Taiwanese style. 🙂

As it was a pre-dinner snack, we ordered 2 pan fried Xian Bing (savoury pancakes), one with pork, the other with dill and fennels. Xian Bing is something we have quite often in Taiwan as snacks (another street food like bao) so I was really happy to see those on the menu. They were delicious – you do not need the dipping sauce in my opinion. In Taiwan, people might add soy sauce with chilli sauce, but I normally have it without as the Xian Bing itself is flavoursome enough!

We also had the lotus root crisps (brushed with winter melon syrup and peanut powder), this was delicious.

The wine list is great for a Taiwanese restaurant – I spotted some great organic and natural wines from producers I like (ie Pierre Frick). But I ordered a sparking tea instead. The one in wine glass on the photo that looks like an orange wine is actually a sparkling tea! It was quite fancy, the way they made it by adding CO2 in it.

Overall, really pleased with my little snack time at Xu.

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