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Institute of Hospitality endorses Camellia and Vine’s Wine and Tea Workshops

Camellia and Vine are the first training company in the UK specialising in both Wine and Tea training. Their courses, designed with the hospitality industry in mind, have been endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality (IOH).

Designed by Camellia and Vine’s founder Leona De Pasquale DipWSET, the courses lead people specifically to the wine and tea, through flavours and fundamentals from Leaf to Cup and Vine to Wine using sensory workshops and food pairing events. The two-hour workshops are fast-paced and fit in-between service time for the industry.

The Professional Review Panel at the IOH commended Camellia and Vine’s workshops for providing a wide range of activities to enhance learning, quality assurance and review processes.

Leona said, “we are honoured to receive endorsement from the Institute of Hospitality as this adds huge value to our wine and tea training programmes and demonstrates that what we cover is relevant to the needs of the hospitality industry. We are committed to providing the best-in-class wine and tea training that will support clients and equip their team members with the essential knowledge required to improve their service’.

In addition to the three IOH endorsed workshops, Camellia and Vine are also the approved training provider for Aroma Academy’s Sensory Training. the Aroma Academy Sensory training programme aims to provide key practical skills together with the background theory to allow participants to be able to identify, distinguish and articulate the aromas and flavours of the finished product. “Sensory training plays a key part in wine and tea tasting,” Leona explains. “Before teaching students how to taste wine or tea, we guide them through the aromas and flavours that are common in wine and tea using the framework of Aroma Academy sensory training. We notice this method really boosts people’s confidence in the tasting.”

Alan Gordan, the CEO/MD & Co-founder of Aroma Academy echoed her view, “At the Aroma Academy we recognised that there are lots of excellent Training & Education Programmes related to the many different types of beverages but, that a key missing link – across the board - is the practical development of Sensory Skills’.

The full range of events and workshops can be found on the Camellia and Vine website. Further information about Leona De Pasquale can be found below.

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