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Wine Aroma Kit - 12 Aroma Nose Training System

Become the Wine connoisseur you have always wanted to be!

Our Nose Training approach is both systematic and fun removing the mystery of "Wine Nosing & Wine Tasting Notes" and allowing the myriad of fine Wines to be enjoyed with the confidence and "insider knowledge" of the select few.


Let us guide you as we;

  • Introduce a series of key reference Wine aromas!
  • Educate you regarding nosing terminology/ vocabulary!
  • Explain the nosing and wine tasting process!
  • Identify the key aromas to be found in your favourite Wines from around the world!

The Wine Aroma Kit contains;

  • 12 aroma samples that cover the spectrum of aromas typically found in fine wines
  • An explanatory 50 page spiral bound booklet guide
  • Blank aroma strips
  • All packaged in an attractive rigid box.

Wine Aroma Kit - 12 Aroma Nose Training System

    1. Apple 
    2. Asparagus
    3. Blackcurrant
    4. Cedar
    5. Citrus
    6. Gamey
    7. Gooseberry
    8. Green Peppers
    9. Honey
    10. Nutty
    11. Rosaceous
    12. Violet
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