BLÅ Organic Sparkling Tea (0% ABV)



BLÅ starts out with delicate aromas of Jasmine, chamomile and a hint of citrus. This is followed by a smooth taste from the carefully selected white teas and accompanied by a complex and well-rounded taste from the green teas. It ends in a long finish joined by comfortable tannins created by the Darjeeling tea. The color is light green with yellow nuances.


BLÅ is the perfect alcohol-free aperitif. It also pairs beautifully with various starters, vegetarian or light mains, and most desserts.

BLÅ Organic Sparkling Tea (0% ABV)

  • Sparkling Tea was developed by the award-winning sommelier Jacob Kocemba, during his time at a Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. He realized the many possibilities within the world of tea, when he couldn’t find a matching wine for a dessert, despite a wine cellar of more than 1,700 wines. Instead, the solution came in a homemade tea extract, which consisted of a blend of different exclusive teas. The new drink became a great success and a favorite amongst the guests of the restaurant. Jacob has since then - through hundreds of trials and his unique ability to combine flavors - developed exquisite flavor combinations that form the basis for the different versions of Sparkling Tea. To live out the dream of making Sparkling Tea a new global beverage category, Jacob partnered up with Bo Sten Hansen in 2017. Bo has many years of experience in business development and has always had a great passion for gastronomy.

    Together they founded Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company, and on the 26th of May 2017 the first bottle of Sparkling Tea was sold in Copenhagen. It is now sold in 16+ countries and served at more than 45 Michelin restaurants worldwide.